How To Install Your Nubia’s Crown Crochet Faux Locs For Thin/Fine hair

Nubia’s Crown crochet faux locs are natural and lightweight. This helps in keeping your hair healthy and tension free, unlike most other common protective styles. To install our edges-friendly crochet hair on your thin/fine hair, here are a few tips:

  • Wash, clean and moisturize hair and scalp well before installing. This helps lock in moisture and provides a healthy base to work with.
  • A crochet method that incorporates cornrows will be your best friend. Ensure your cornrows are not too large else so as not to cause bulkiness. The cornrows do not need to be perfect since they will be covered by the crocheted braids.
  • Leave space in between locs to prevent excess weight on your neck.
  • When installing the hair along the front of your hair, repeat the same process but leave less space between the strands.
  • When installing the braids along your hairline, try as much as possible not to install the extension too close to your hairline. This helps you achieve the most natural look and reduces tension

Here's a full install tutorial for you! Style worn is using our 'Classic' Locs in Natural Black 14" which can be purchased here: