'Queen' Locs vs 'Classic' Locs - What’s the difference?

Our two main faux locs styles! The ‘Classic’ and ‘Queen’ Locs are both crochet faux locs but no, they are not the same. A lot of customers get stuck on which to purchase, so let’s break down the major differences between the two popular styles:



- Easy to install - both styles can be installed using multiple crochet methods, including the most popular ones such as the cornrow crochet method, the individual crochet method and the illusion crochet method. Some people prefer to get them installed by a stylist, but if you’re a DIY kinda girl then click here for some easy to follow tutorials .

- Lightweight & Tension-Free - unfortunately some of the most popular protective styles out there also come with the major downside of causing tension on the hair, and increase the likeliness of traction alopecia. We specifically designed both styles of locs to be lightweight, so that even with our longest styles you won’t have them tugging on your edges!

- Versatile styling  - the beauty of crochet faux locs as a hairstyle! With any of the installation methods used you can style up your locs in many different ways.




The curl pattern:

The ‘Classic’ Locs are in a wavy goddess style, for that effortless and natural look. They can also be manipulated to become straight using hot water, or blowing on them with a hairdryer (on mid-heat) while holding the locs straight 

The ‘Queen’ are in a straight style, and definitely make a statement because of it!

The texture:

The ‘Classic’ Locs are in a sleeker texture, but without looking shiny so it mimics the appearance of real locs

The ‘Queen’ Locs are a kinkier texture and resemble locs using ‘Marley hair’.

Personal style:

Do you have a more simple, chic personal style and want a hairstyle to match? The ‘Classic’ Locs are your best bet. They are perfect for versatility and everyday wear

The ‘Queen’ are befitting if you want a bolder look, and if you’re someone who wants to have fun with their style and trial out different colours and longer lengths. If you prefer the style of the ‘Queen’ Locs but want a more natural look, you can opt for the Natural Black option!


Whichever you decide on - we know you’ll look good! To get a personalised recommendation on the best loc styles, colours and lengths for you, take our quiz!