Our Story

Mission Statement

Nubia’s Crown is a hair brand that offers truly protective styles through our range of crochet and headwrap styles. We pride ourselves in providing a personal and enjoyable end to end experience for our customers. Beyond our products we aim to nuture entrepeunership in black founders through mentorships and sponsorships. We want our audience to not just feel as though they are investing in a product but also a community

Our Story

Nubia’s Crown was born was out of the frustration of how unenjoyable the hair shopping experience had become. Black women are already unable to access extension styles that are affordable and suitable for their protective styling needs. When said extensions become readily available the purchasing experience is often stressful and insatisfactory because we are often served by businesses who do not understand nor care to understand our hair. As a black woman owned business, the customer’s needs and satisfaction is at our core, therefore a friendly and supportive shopping experience is vital.

We hope that through our quality products and exemplery customer service we are contributing to a conversation about black entrepreneurship as we aim to use our brand to empower and support black founders.

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